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At Confab Labs, we like lists, but don’t really spring for “productivity apps.” We live in our events and reminders, but find them a bit cumbersome. Our calendars are too cluttered, and that’s when we realized: getting things done could be a lot nicer.

Main Screen

See all your reminders and events in one simple, organized list.

Easily add reminders and events with Ding’s smart Add Screen. Just swipe to enter a name, time, and options.

Add Screen

Keep things clutter-free with Ding’s effortless list management. Easily get a glimpse at the essentials — or a comprehensive view of everything.

Sync with the built-in Reminders and Calendar apps on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

Syncing with Ding

What’s the difference between an event and a reminder?

An event has a specific start and end time (Austin’s cookout from 5pm to 9pm) and a reminder notifies you to do something (move my laundry to the dryer).

How do I choose whether to set an event or a reminder?

After you press +, swipe to the next screen to set a time. Use the slider and choose between “Remind me” and “Set event.”

How do I edit an item?

From the main screen, tap any item and press Edit. (Alternately, hold down for a few seconds to jump directly to the edit screen.)

What do the color stripes mean?

These denote which list the item belongs to. You can change an item's list by editing it and swiping to the Options screen.

Can I use Ding without having it access my calendars?

Yes. However, Ding will be limited to reminders only, and won't be able to sync with other apps or devices.

None of my items are showing up!

Check to make sure your lists aren’t hidden. From the main screen, tap Calendars to hide or show lists.

Does Ding have _________?

If you have a suggestion, let us know!

I installed an update. What’s new?

To learn about the latest version (or about past ones), check out the release notes.

Other questions/inquiries

If it’s quick, hit us up on Twitter. For longer queries, shoot an email to , and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.